Note to self

12 February 2019

Deciding to update the codebase for my website on the same day I decide to start blogging for a #30DayChallenge certainly seemed like a good idea at the time!

"Me thinking updating the website should be a straightforward job!"

Four hours later this evening and I am just about ready to pull my hair out, and I have an awful lot of it at the moment!

Nick Prolix (@nickprolix) is a writer, artist and cartoonist living in the Fens.


  • 2nd Feb, True Believers Comic Festival, Jury's Inn, Cheltenham
  • 30th Mar, Dunfermline Comic Con, Pittencrieff Park, Dunfermline
  • 6th Apr, Swansea Comic and Gaming Convention, Brangwyn Hall, Swansea

Les Amis Des Prolix

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