27 May 2019

"Friendlier than he looks..."

His comics are full of weird and whimsical meditations on the human condition that I always read with a bit of a Rob Bryden lilt. Quietly surrealist moments intrude on the otherwise humdrum lives of his characters or imagined fake histories ramp up the absurdity of real life in ways that recall The League of Gentlemen or a Chris Morris satire . Then there are the hilariously grotesque Death Roulette sketches he draws which feature portraits of convention goers suffering ridiculous demises that have the knockabout charm of a Reeves & Mortimer game show round. And of course there's that spoof convention banner in which John does his best Matt Berry impression skewering the pretensions of some within the small press scene.

"Bare Arsed Round Swansea Bay"

John Tucker's work is in equal parts, hilarious and unsettling, somehow beautiful to look at even when his characters antics appear grotesque or just plain creepy, and he combines moments of surrealistic slapstic with a real eye for capturing the absurdity of the everyday. My two favourite small press comics of last year were in fact both by John. Bald is a beautifully drawn two-colour comic in which a preternaturally bald baby slides hairless head-first from his mother's womb onto the supermarket floor as she's out one day doing a big shop and Gang Culture in 1950s Swansea a mock folk history of youth delinquency that like Richard Littler's Scarfolk, exposes the dark underbelly of provincial British culture taken to absurdist extremes.

"Mind like the moon"

Beyond their being fauxstalgic reveries with gorgeously rendered Risograph aesthetics what both these surreal chapbooks share is a quiet concern with the question of community and it's loss. Tucker's comics express a wistful yearning for moments of shared connectedness, whether it's the Saturday morning men's club of Bald's Moon Brains or the bad boy antics of The Bare-Arse Boys. There is real affection in John's comics for these small half-lost spaces of male bonding, which is unsurprising when you consider that the cartoonist and his father are the three-time winners of their annual village scarecrow building competition!

The boy John is a talent, so go get hold of everything he's put out over at www.johntucker.co.uk

The Short Story Wot I Wrote!

11 May 2019

"Slang Pictorial does the business, AGAIN!"

WOW! The Kickstarter for Slang Pictorial #4 smashed thru it's target and ended up reaching a grand total of 461% FUNDED!! I'm going to write a bit of a longer piece for my next newsletter reflecting on how the campaign went and what I've learnt from it, so for now I just want to say thank you to everyone who backed the campaign and as soon as the Kickstarter rewards have gone out to backers everyone else will be able to grab a copy of issue 4 right here at nickprolix.com

I've also published my first prose short story set in the world of The Sheep And The Wolves which you can get simply by signing up to my newsletter, see the link in the sidebar. The Accumulator, is a short story about long odds, set in a smoke-filled betting shop, filled with equal lashings of hope and disappointment for the comic punters within.

Download your free copy and let me know what you thought!


18 March 2019

Coming to Kickstarter THIS WEEK

I am going to be offering a couple of Early Bird rewards that will be available only for the first day of the campaign, so make sure you get your pledges in nice and early!

Francoise Hardy print

The first Early Bird Reward is going to be an exclusive Slang Pictorial Françoise Hardy print. These individually numbered full-colour double sided prints are an homage to Hardy’s 1962 album Tous les garçons et les filles and will also feature some Prolix hand-lettered typography on the reverse. These are going to go out only to everyone who backs the campaign - at one of the physical reward tiers - within the first twenty four hours from when the campaign goes live. This print won't be added to any of the other tiers during the campaign and so the only way to snag yourself one is to jump on board on day one!

A little piece of Slang Pictorial history

The exclusive print is going to be great but THIS is the Early Bird Reward I'm most excited about and have been eagerly waiting to announce! If you've ever stopped by table at a comic convention you no doubt have thumbed thru my folder of original comic artwork. Since issue #3 I've been drawing the comic on A3 Bristol Board but back in 2015 when The Sheep And The Wolves began life as a web-comic, I actually used to draw the strip at a smaller size, inking straight over my pencils in order to keep up with the pace of posting new pages weekly.

So for this Kickstarter only, I will be giving the FIRST 20 BACKERS who pledge at any physical reward tier ONE of those ORIGINAL A4 pages each! These are the ONLY Prolix pages you're ever going to see at this size and these really are a unique snapshot of Slang Pictorial history. You can literally see me working out character designs, world building and developing an art style right there on the page, complete with whiteout and even panels cut and pasted in place. Make sure you get your pledge in quick!

The best way to ensure you are in with a chance to grab one of these Early Bird Rewards is to follow me on Kickstarter and subscribe to my fortnightly newsletter using the form in the sidebar.

I'll be back in the next few days to announce Kickstarter going live!

Keep 'em peeled!


Nick Prolix (@nickprolix) is a writer, artist and cartoonist living in the Fens.

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