Note to self

12 February 2019

"Me thinking updating the website should be a straightforward job!"

Four hours later this evening and I am just about ready to pull my hair out, and I have an awful lot of it at the moment!

Con Talk

10 February 2019

@tinynoggin #smallpress #zines #comics people - can I ask, when you’re tabling what is your approach to selling? I’m not v good at it because I don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable by talking to them in case they don’t want to engage. What works best? Any advice much appreciated

I thought I'd just repost my answers here, in case anyone else is interested.

My stock opener is some kind of variation on "How's your day going?/How are you finding the show?" followed up with an invitation to "Feel free to have a look thru anything you like" If they then stop at a particular book I then give em a quick hopefully amusing little pitch line - "Think Only Fools And Horses but with more immigrants!"

If they laugh/smile or look like they get the pop-culture references then I go into a bit more detail and maybe steer them to my portfolio to look at the original comic pages. If they make comics themselves then the craft conversation is always a good one to have.

As for feeling uncomfortable about trying to engage people the thing I reckon is EVERYONE at the con has come to at least look at if not buy comics and engaging with creators has got to be the biggest draw of being at a con over buying from a creator's website or finding someone on Etsy.

If they don't want to engage/don't like the look of your work (eejits!) then they'll just respond with a hi or thanks and shuffle off to the next table with a pained polite smile on their lips, no biggie. I can't think of a single time I've made a sale because the person felt obliged to buy!

Two last thoughts:

  1. I always try to make the interaction about them, what do they like, what are they reading and then go from there - Iost count of the number of times I've ended up chatting for a good while about somebody's animation project or their MA & not sold em a thing!

  2. Have as much variety of product and range of price points on your table as you can. If someone does feel "obliged" to buy something - or rather wants to support you just can't afford so much then they can happily bung you 50p for a badge or stickerpack etc. Similarly the person who isn't vibing your book that much may very well love your prints or stickers or may decide to get a postcard to send to a friend, etc.

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That Was The Week That Was

09 February 2019

However I have managed to blog 7 out of the 9 days so far and I can always go back and fill in the gaps later, tho I think what's probably more important is not to beat myself up too much and instead acknowledge the positives, after all progress not perfection is the goal and a daily-ish writing habit is better than no habit at all!

I thought I'd offer quick round-up of what's been happening this week in Prolix Towers by way of a progress check. Big wins this week have been inking and colouring the Godard In Love strip which has been very well received over on Instagram as well as completing the inks on Waiting For The Duke which I now need to colour in preparation for the forthcoming Kickstarter. I have thumbnailed the final page of story for the latest Atlas Unfettered installment and I'll crack on with penciling that, hopefully on Sunday afternoon. The other bit of progress for the Kickstarter has been deciding finally on what I want to do for the promo video, which is going to involve some animation, as if I didn't already have enough to do!

There's also been a lot of housekeeping going on, primarily here at with new web hosting and an upgrading of the Kirby framework that I coded the site in. I have almost finished migrating the old version of the site over to Kirby 3.0 and everything mostly works as it should altho there are still a few things left to sort out, mainly some elements in the CSS need a little tweak and I've still not completely got my head round how file uploads work in 3.0 but we'll get there eventually.

The only other thing I managed to get done this week was to redesign my convention banner which has been a long time coming, and so I should be having some fresh new branding on display ready for Dunfermline - assuming I manage the 7 hour journey in one piece!

Nick Prolix (@nickprolix) is a writer, artist and cartoonist living in the Fens.

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