Nottingham Comic Con 2016, or Def Con (Part) Deux!

30 October 2016

"bleary eyed blokes"

After having to get up earlier than we'd anticipated, The Sheep And The Wolves Roadshow - consisting of myself and Patreon supporter Dave Robertson - hit the A-roads for Nottingham. We were greeted by the friendly faces of the yellow shirted volunteers and soon had our table looking pretty spruce, complete with crochet table mascot made by the talented @kellerkraftuk! Podcaster, comics reviewer and all-round diamond geezer Tony Esmond swung by to say hi and snap our mugs for this great round-up of the con he blogged this morning, which I recommend you read if you missed out on the day.

"your starter for ten"

At midday I took part in a great panel with Chris Imber and Sally Jane Thompson and we had a lot of fun answering questions from host Alex Martin, Tony and the audience. My favourite question was "which TV show would I like to turn into a comic?" No hesitation. Columbo!

"shifting product"

I had a great time talking to people about my comic and the thrill of handing over a physical copy of your own comic book to a perfect stranger in exchange for shiny coins of the realm is almost giddy-making! We sold a lot more than I expected to and even had some interesting conversations with people about possible future projects. I learned a lot about what works and what doesn't in terms of setting up your stall and promoting your wares and I'm really excited to do more cons. So much so in fact that as soon as I got back last night, the first thing I did was sign up for a table at the True Believers Comic Festival in February!

All in all a great day, and I can't wait to go back again next year!

Nick Prolix (@nickprolix) is a writer, artist and cartoonist living in the Fens.

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