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06 June 2016

Found a link via The Comics Reporter to the 10 Rules for Drawing Comics blog and was struck by Michael Allred's penultimate tip:

Write down what you do every day. Even if it's just a brief list of accomplishments. For instance, "Working on Madman no.100. Penciled pages 5 and 6. Started inking page 2." I buy a new little desk calendar every year. It only takes me a few seconds at the end of the day to simply mark down what I accomplished, even if I did absolutely nothing, but melt into the couch and watch movies all day. Over time it gives a very accurate account of my productivity, how long something took me, what interrupted my progress, and when I specifically did something. It's the next best thing to keeping a journal. But it's brief, concise, and effortless. And very very valuable. It's the key tool to the discipline of a monthly comic book. It takes out all the guess work as to how to use my time.

This chimes with me and reminds me of Austin Kleon's daily practise of making short illustrated lists of his daily accomplishments:

The best writing project I took on last year was what I call my logbook: a simple Moleskine daily planner in which I kept track of the little details of my day. Who, what, where types of details. Who I met, what I did, where I went, etc. It’s not a diary or a journal. It’s a book of lists. The lists are simple facts.

I suck at maintaining this kind of daily habit but it's definitely something that I've found helpful and affirming in the past so I figure this blog is as good a place as any to start trying again. Here, then in a spirit of cautious optimism is a list of things I achieved yesterday:

  • Took part in #comicbookhour
  • Penciled more of page 17

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